Automation Framework Community Edition, the fastest way to build your lab environment on any Hypervisor with Training Videos

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Citrix, Microsoft, Nutanix and VMware

Support for all the major Hypervisors

Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and Parallels

Support for all the major End User Computing Products

Automated Infrastructure Deployment

Automatically deploy Domain Controller, SQL Server and RDSH Workers

Your Benefits

Isolated Network Environment

Learn how to setup your lab completely isolated from home / work network, but still with internet access and inbound connections.

Domain Controller

Deploy Domain Controller completely automated including DNS, DHCP, File Server and Certificate Authority.

SQL Server

Deploy SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio 2017 completely automated.

Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop

Automatically deploy a complete Citrix PoC environment with MCS & PVS in less than 2 hours.

VMware Horizon

Automatically deploy a complete VMware Horizon PoC environment including vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) in less than 2 hours.

Parallels Remote Application

Automatically deploy a complete Parallels Remote Application Server PoC in less than 1 hour.

Workers with Common Applications

All the most commonly used applications are automatically downloaded and installed in all the PoC scenarios listed.

Training Videos

The Automation Framework Community Edition is completely FREE and even comes with a 6 hour training course and certificate of completion.

Kick Start Your Proof of Concept Deployment

The Automation Framework Community Edition let’s you automatically deploy any kind of RDSH environment on any type of hypervisor in a couple of hours.

Access Your Workspace Anywhere

The lab environment is completly isolated from your home / work network. Still it’s extremly flexible and very easy to configure the VyOS router to provide remote access from the internet.

Community Testimonials

Eric’s Automation Framework has removed the complexity of building core environments for Citrix, VMWare and Nutanix. The fact I can build a demo, lab or any other type of environment with minimal effort and input from me means I can focus on the entire solution and deliver faster results. The additional aspect of it being a community driven project moving forward will continue to grow its capabilities and bring the best of the best from the community into it, which is good for everyone.
Richard Parnell, Ex Citrix Employee in charge of all Synergy / Summit Demos
The Automation Framework is an absolutely must in everyone’s toolkit. The work done to build the sample task sequences included are absolutely outstanding. Want to build a SQL Server with MDT no problem it’s included.. Want to build a RDSH Farm with MDT no problem it’s included.. Want to build out an end to end Citrix Environment on multiple hypervisors no problem it’s included. The fact that they have made this freely available to the community is a testament of what a Microsoft MVP / Citrix CTP programs are all about. Download your copy today and heck take one of Eric’s courses and you will NOT be disappointed.
Dave Kawula, MVP and founder of @MVPDays Co-Chair #TechMentorEvent
Getting Citrix going doesn’t have to be hard. It’s super awesome to have an automation framework to get you up and running with minimal pain.

And, because it comes from Eric.. you know it’s going to work, and be supported. Thanks man, you’re awesome.

Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP, and PolicyPak

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

1. Step - Choose your Hypervisor

The FREE Automation Framework Community Edition runs on all the major hypervisors, you can even use it on your Windows 10 enabled Hyper-V computer.

2. Step - Sign Up and Download

Click below to sign up and download the FREE Automation Framework Community Edition together with 6 hours of training.

3. Step - Run the Configuration Script

Run the script as explained in the training videos, sit back and relax while the stuff are being downloaded and deployed automatically.

Frequently asked questions from our customers

Why is Community Edition Free?
The idea behind the FREE version is to get people into Automation and PowerShell. Manual work should be something of the past. If people want more I have the paid version and even the Master Class for Extreme Deep Dive into Automation.
What's The Difference Between Paid and Free Version?
The Community Edition is FREE and limited to RDSH workers. The paid version includes support, updates, Image Factory, Server Core, App-V, App Layering, Login VSI and much much more.
How Much Memory Do I Need?
Normally 16GB of memory is enough to get you started, but it all depends on the number of VMs.
Can I Add My Own stuff?
Sure, when you get the grip of it it’s very easy to add your own custom stuff. Just remodel the existing PowerShell scripts and Task Sequences.

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