Citrix App Layering – Learn the fastest way to build Layers on any Hypervisor


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According to the State of the End User Computing Union Survey 2018 more than 64.52% of the surveyed companies are running VMware vSphere. These environments are well known to be extremely slow in terms of App Layering, because vSphere goes through extra steps to convert and expand the disks. Learn the secret to reduce Layer Creation Time with 350%.

Real World Experience

This 12 module course has been in development since the day Citrix announced the acquisition of Unidesk. After more than 1.5 year, 12 version updates and fine tuning Workflows and Best Practices the course is finally ready to go live.


Citrix Enterprise Layer Manager

Import and Optimize the Appliance for speed use the proper disk format. We also cover how to configure static IP address, Time Zone, Domain Certificate and Active Directory integration for Elastic Layers.

Create OS Layer

Real World Best Practices for creating and optimizing the OS Layer which is the most critical part of any project. I also cover what should go into the OS Layer and the secret tricks to reduce the number of Layers that needs to be patched each and every month with Windows Update.

Create Platform Layer

Learn how to properly configure and install only the recommended & required components that goes into the Platform Layer.

Create Application Layers

Learn how to create simple as well as complicated Application Layers like Office 365.

Create Image Template and Publish to MCS / PVS

Create templates for use with e.g. MCS or PVS and how to correctly use them in Silo scenarios where multiple templates are required with different Application bundles.

Optimize the App Layering Process with 350%

Create Application Layers in 2 instead of 22 minutes on vSphere without the need for additional OS and Platform Layers. Spend the time installing Applications instead of waiting for Packaging Machine to become ready. This also applies when using multiple Hypervisors.

Updating Layers

Best Practices for updating Layers, Optimize them and working with Versions vs New.

App Layer Automation

Learn how to get started with a complete App Layering Automation. Imagine just clicking a button and out comes the App Layer. It’s now possible.

Community Testimonials

Thank you!!!  Just the Optimize App Layering Process with 350% video alone is worth a yearly sub!! You’re a champion.
Jamie Ruggier, Citrix & Systems Administrator, The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network

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